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Future of Talent Level up in 2021

My Purpose

Have you found your purpose in life yet? Do you even know where to start? Whether you answered yes or no, this segment is made just for you! We'll dive deep into self-awareness, purpose and show to you why you should seek out your purpose in the first place. For a few years now, concepts like purpose, conscious leadership, being authentic or present have become extremely popular. It is easy to get lost in the sea of content which is screaming all these abstract buzz words at us day and night. As Creative Brain we believe it is time to make the journey to purpose tangible. It is time to define the pillars and understand the mechanics of its development. We're bringing you a carefully assembled team of experts to guide you through this subject. You can bet on practicality. Learn strategies and techniques to plan your career development in 2021 and beyond, anchoring it in purpose and self-discovery, because who has the potential to know you better than you yourself? A power talk, two key-notes and a panel, all guaranteed to change your perspective on purpose and pursuit.

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