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Future of Talent Level up in 2021

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We live in a world with no equal access to opportunities. Most times you are judged by your most recent job title, the fancy school name on your resume or lack thereof, your gender, race, your social class or age. In most cases you are seen as a mere statistic or piece of paper. We at Creative Brain believe you are so much more than that. How many times after missing an opportunity, have you thought to yourself; ''If only they gave me a chance?'' We deeply believe that since we are holistic human beings, we should be assessed and developed as such. This is the only way we can truly maximize our potential. Join the conversation and learn how to not just enjoy but also create equal access and where to look for opportunities in 2021 for yourself and your organization. Our unique mix of speakers will show you how much we're missing when thinking about equality and finding/assessing early talent. This segment will transform your thinking about people strategy. Enjoy a keynote talk on why equal access doesn't exist and a call for societal transformation, a panel on why access matters and how to get it and a power talk on untapped sources of talent.

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