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Future of Talent Level up in 2021

Challenging the Comfortable

Did you know that in majority of organizations, the biggest group of employees are not the high potentials, high or low performers, but actually the Comfortable? These are employees that simply do their job. They show up, fulfil their responsibilities, maintain good relations with others and go home, often unnoticed. Wrongly so. They are the ones that know the ins and outs of the realities of work at each level. They hear the complaints and experience the actual culture of your organization. What we're trying to say is that they are the gold in your organization. Imagine how far you could take your organization if this group was to become more motivated, speak up once in a while, bring to life small behavioral changes to optimize the overall performance and most importantly feel happier while at it? Finally, Let's talk about diversity and inclusion with no bull**t, understand the biggest productivity leak your people most likely struggle with and explore challenges of today that will determine the success of your organization in the future.

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